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Njord Male Grooming - DE Safety Razor

What is Njord DE Safety Razor?
Simply a classic double edge (DE) safety razor that uses small, interchangeable razor blades. The razor blade sticks out on both sides of the razor head and therefore it is called double edge or DE for short. Our DE Safety Razor is easy to use and ideal for both beginners and experienced users. If you want an old school shave Safety Razors is the way to go and more and more men are using this traditional razor.

Njord DE Safety Razor’s handle is made of brass and the head of zinc alloy. Both parts are coated in a nice, matte black color.
The quality is clearly noticed when handling the razor.
The weight is balanced, giving you optimal conditions for a perfect and gentle shave.

Designed in cold Denmark.

Product information:
Adjustable head: No.
Design: 3-piece. 3-piece means that the head has to be unscrewed from the handle in order to mount the blade.
Handle: Length 95 mm (75 mm)
Weight: 120 g