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Njord Male Grooming - Perfect Face Kit - About Njord


Njord is high quality male grooming products developed in cold Denmark. Based on great passion and knowledge regarding male skin care and grooming Njord is based on the idea that the Scandinavian weather can be a little rough at times and therefore your skin, hair and beard need extra care.

The name “Njord” stems from the Nordic mythology. Njord was a God for all weather types and also for wind, water, and fire. He was especially known as God for water and ocean and fishermen prayed to Njord in order to get their nets filled with fish. Njord grooming and skin care products try to capture this in the products as the fragrance is fresh and ocean-like.


Our skin, hair and beard products contain a lot of different ingredients which make the quality exceptional. Vitamins, minerals, and vegetable extracts all give your skin, hair and beard a daily energy boost and keeps you looking your best. Despite the high quality and the many premium ingredients Njord grooming products are affordable.

Njord grooming and skin care products are highly effective and perfect for the confident and strong man who knows what he wants out of life and wants to go through it with a fresh and healthy-looking skin, hair and beard, without spending several hours in the bathroom.

Njord Male Grooming - Straight Razor Kit - About Njord


Njord is developed for the Scandinavian weather and perfected in Denmark hence the high quality of our grooming and skin care products.


Vitamins, minerals and vegetable extracts gives your skin, hair and beard a daily energy boost and keeps you looking your best.


Despite the ingredients and high quality of our products, they are still affordable and should be a part of every mans daily routine.